Halloween and Fall

I’m standing in the kitchen this morning, in front of the sink looking out the window at the backyard while bacon sizzles in the frying pan on the stove.  The sun is rising higher every moment (later and later in the morning as winter approaches) and the increasingly illuminated sky is is a beautiful clear blue.  It is going to be one of those beautiful fall days; clear, crisp, chilly.  The kind of day to go on a hike, breath in that cold refreshing air and come home to a steaming cup of hot chocolate or apple cider.  It is one of those moments that give you pause, that make you stand and look, sighing as you feel lightened by nature’s beauty.  It is also one of those moments that make me realize why photographers are so obsessed with the perfect light.  Where I am standing, the sun comes up behind me and to the left.  And then it hits the sweet spot.  The trees and bushes in the backyard are lit up, their leaves practically glowing as the sunlight hits them just right.  Then I step over to flip the bacon and when I make it back to the window, the light and the moment has passed.  The sun has risen higher in its journey.  I may see it again tomorrow, or perhaps the next day but that doesn’t matter.  I saw it today and that is enough.

So Sunday was Hallowe’en (or Samhain, depending on your point of view).  We went for a walk through the neighbourhood and was accompanied by a little candy thief dressed up in a Winnie the Pooh costume.  Morgan is two this year, and while its not his first Hallowe’en, I think it was his first where he really got into the whole idea of the thing.  Point out a lit door and he was trotting right up to it and turning around to me so I could lift him up to push the doorbell, regardless of whether someone was standing in the door or not.  The boys never met a button he didn’t want to push.  A few houses down he even ran into his big brother, which tickled him to no end.

Eating his candy on the way, he would mumble out a thank you then turn to walk back to the street, yelling Ma Ma and running into her arms.  A few houses he tried walking right in and soon was handing out thank you hugs in return for his treats (I think he even got some extra candy with that racket).

The little guy was like the Energizer bunny, running down the street and from house to house.  I think he would have kept going but after two hours  he was getting tired and so were we.  So off to the house to inspect his haul, and Pooh had made out like a bandit.  A big bag full of candy and chips and even a couple things of Playdoh.  Eat a little bit and he soon crashed, falling asleep without even moving.  All in all, it was a good night and I can’t help but think he’ll be plenty excited about Halloween next year.  Although I’m afraid I may have to dress up with him.



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