Gears of War

I know I’m a bit late coming to this since Gears of War 3 is on its way, but I  have just recently started playing the first game.  And man, what an experience.  I have been playing World of Warcraft for some time and that game, in some respects, is becoming increasingly dumbed down.  One of the first RPGs I played was the Xbox version of Morrowind.  If you are familiar with that game, I think you can see where I am coming from.  So anyway, I’ve been playing WoW for a few reasons (one being that I enjoy the world, story and lore) and haven’t been on a console much (other then the occasional GTA: San Andreas rampage) because our 360 was broken.  Well, we got a new one for Christmas and one of the games we had sitting around waiting to be played was Gears of War.

Popped it in, on the casual difficulty sitting since my console shooter skills were rusty and damn what a refreshing game.  Even when I was getting my ass shot off I enjoyed the hell out of it.   Thank god for frequent level saves.  At one time, right after hooking up with Alpha squad, I ran out of a building to take cover behind a chunk of concrete and took a bullet to the head.  Instantly dead.  At least when I respawned I was able to keep an eye out for the sniper instead the machine gunners in front of me.  And that first Beserker fight took some trial and error but its quite satisfying when you take the bitches down.

I still haven’t gotten very far(I spend more time on the computer than the 360 with the rugrat around these days) but this is a great game.  And if someone is looking for a challenge and haven’t played it, I really recommend it.

PS.  I’ve seen it in games and I’ve seen it in movies and I still don’t understand it.  Two enemies will behind cover shooting at each other.  One pops out to shoot while the other hides.  Trade back and forth.  What the hell guys?  I have a standard tactic that works well for these situations.  When the other guy pops back behind cover and it’s my turn to shoot, I just aim for where he will be.  When he leans back out to shoot, bam, he’s dead.  Sometimes with one shot in the head when  I’m really on fire.  And it works really well when involved with a squad.  Maybe it’s a snipers mentality rather than a machine gunners.


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