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Federal Budget: Dont Cut Funding for Homeless Veterans – TIME.

Holy fucking shit. I don’t know who in Congress in responsible for this, whether it is the Republicans or Democrats. But whoever it is, they need to get to an operating room in a hurry. Maybe the doctors can successfully remove these politician’s heads from their asses.

It is utterly and completely reprehensible that veterans are left homeless in the first place. These people gave everything they had short of their lives to their country and then just get dropped like a hot potato. How much would it really take to build dormitory or barracks style housing to give homeless veterans a place to live? A 8 X 10 room can house two people, for one person its all the room one could need. There could be a kitchen on the main common floor or a smaller one on each floor. Guys like Bill Gates love to give money to charity. I’m sure people could be found who would put up some computers so that they could hunt for jobs, stay in touch with friends and family and get a bit of entertainment.

But no, we have better priorities. Let’s spend 27.4 million dollars for a couple stickers on the side of a car. For advertising. Because you know there are people out there who would just love to join the Army or the National Guard but without that sticker on a NASCAR, just aren’t ready to sign on the dotted line. Do they really think that recruitment will go up because their logo is on the side of a car doing left turns for a few hours? (By the way, if driving a car makes you an athlete, I know some long haul truckers who must be at Olympic level by now.) Maybe young men and women would be more inclined to sign up if they knew they wouldn’t just be dropped by the wayside after they were used up.