This and That

Wow it’s been a while, my poor neglected blog. I know I said a while ago I had something about ready but I’m just not sure it’s ready to be shared. Big surprise there, eh? At some point you have to start polishing and just release things. I’ll think I’ll get that done the next day or so.

Anyway, the last game I mentioned was Gears of War(yes the first one). No, still haven’t finished it and yes still really enjoy it. I think I’m close to the end, at Marcus’ old estate but there’s been another game that has captured my attention. Yes I can be fickle. Oh well. I picked up Red Dead Redemption at Best Buy a few weeks ago and have been playing nothing else since. Hell, I even cancelled my subscription to World of Warcraft. Although that was some time coming. I’ve been getting less and less from the game. It was something I did on autopilot and the new lands and storylines only held my interest for so long. The reason I’ve played as long as I have was because it was something I could do on the computer while the baby watched PBS or Treehouse.

But Red Dead Redemption is a great game. I reached Blackwater today; quite the difference from the dusty Mexican towns I’ve been in for the past however long. I can see I’ll have the same hatred for the fucking bears I do for the cougars. Just riding along, minding my own business, looking along the river for beaver and bam, out of nowhere a damn bear runs up and kills  my horse with one fucking swipe. His hide is small consolation but it will look good on the floor of my next shack.

So far I only have the regular game but maybe after I play through it I’ll nab the Undead Nightmare. Not usually a zombie guy but zombies in the West? Hell yeah. I may even pop online and see what I can get into on Multiplayer. Although I’m really a single player guy, which is why I’ve been less and less into Warcraft. It’s nice to still be getting strong games that doesn’t require groups of people to play. The big surprise about Red Dead is how few murderous rampages I’ve gone on. Although I did drag one guy to death behind my horse after he ran me over. Can’t let people get away with shit like that or every little punk will try to walk all over you. Represent folks, represent.


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