The Farm

One of the cool things about living here is that we are a short walk away from the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm. Not a big operation but its in the city and so a lot more than most can expect. They bring in animals in the spring from some local farms and have them there all summer until some point in the fall. Right now they have chickens, ducks, a couple calves, couple pigs, some sheep and some goats. There are also displays with the old farm equipment used before everybody jumped up on a John Deere. And the old farm house and a small blacksmith shop. Throw in the garden and the Teahouse which cooks and sells food using produce from the garden and its not a bad way to spend some time. And there are various events that go on, like sometime this month a horse and wagon will be there to give rides. If you like this kinda thing and want to see something on a bigger scale, go check out Ross Farm.

Anyway, before I start sounding like a commercial or something, the reason I bring it up is that the last couple weeks we’ve walked down with the baby toddler. (Jesus, Morgan is almost three, guess he ain’t a baby any more.) And the boy just loves the place. Throws a fit when he’s told it’s time to leave. And he’s not interested in the display of antique hay cutting equipment, as fascinating as that is. No sir, he’s all about the animals. First thing when we get there, the chickens. Goes running right up to them, picking little pieces of grass to push through their pen to them. Last summer, he got pecked a little but that doesn’t matter none. He’s a little cautious about it but not to bad. (Little bugger just made me move my arm so that he could wiggle in under it against my side.) Then we look at the ducks a bit but he doesn’t seem to be as interested in them. Oh, but look there’s goats and sheep and off a running  he goes. Grabbing up pieces of grass and plants and holding it through the fence. Sometimes he gets so excited he jumps up and down yelling “I did it, I did it.” Then its off to the pigs. Yesterday they were inside away from the heat and napping so Morgan doesn’t spend much time there. He walks out of the barn and looks around a bit. Ask him what he wants to see next and “Cows,” he says. We tell him, you know where they are at and so he goes trotting off toward the garden and cows(they are in a little paddock off one side of the garden, under the apple tree). Takes the long way through the garden to look at all the plants(vegetables to be incoming) and then its up against the fence. And, AND HE TOUCHES ONE! Which said fact makes him so proud of himself.  Not to mention Poppa and Momma. It’s nice to know that he isn’t scared of animals. He may have to work at it a little bit but he does get there(they are a lot bigger than him). We actually make this circuit twice before they start to put the animals into the barn and we peel him away. He’s not happy about being put back in his wagon and leaving the place but he quiets down before too long. Look back and he’s sitting there like a king, arm perched along the side of the wagon, looking around, surveying his kingdom. Proceed, royal procession.


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