And The Boneheaded Idiot of the Year Award Goes To…

So apparently, if you get enough of a readership or otherwise come across their attention, PR firms will send you both free shit and pitches of things that can be done on your site, something like advertising for toothpaste or something. So anyway, The Bloggess has a standard reply for the more idiotic PR pitches; she sends them this link. Yet this one guy at this place replied to a colleague that she was a fucking bitch for doing so. Accidentally, or at least I hope so, he did this by hitting reply all so Jenny at the Bloggess also got the reply. Can you say stepped in it?

So not only does she let everyone know, but then the guy tried to say he was sticking up for Wil and got Wil Wheaton pissed off who posted this. And guess who else knows these two and decided to let everyone know? John Scalzi. Jesus guys. Between these three people you pretty well got the entire fucking internet coming down on you. Don’t you even know anything about the internet? It reminds me of the NY Times changing the story on the protesters hitting the bridge to take blame away from the cops. Yeah, that shit doesn’t go away.

I don’t know how bad this will turn out for the guy but I understand the company is apologizing. I mean I get it, you got work to do. Sometimes brain numbing soul killing work. Just try to keep a modicum of common sense or at least remember the manners your momma tried teaching you.

Oh, and PR firms, you want to send me free shit, drop me a line.


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