Whoaa, Way Harsh Dude

So the bully Anthony Bologna, a deputy inspector with the NYPD, cruelly and maliciously pepper sprayed a couple of women some time back during the protesting. There was plenty of outrage, except for among the bosses at NYPD. You would think that such an act would result in some sort of punishment, perhaps even criminal charges, right? Well you would be wrong.

Instead, the NYPD brass hit him with the harsh punishment of docking him a whole ten days of vacation time. Holy crap, its damn near cruel and unusual. He was found to have violated departmental policy on pepper spray. Bologna (do you think kids in school told him his last name was spelled M E Y E R S?) walks up to this chicks, sprays the fuck out of them for no goddamn good reason and its a violation of departmental policy? Hey jackasses, I ain’t no lawyer but from this angle it looked like fucking assault.

But hey, they’re also arresting people for closing their bank accounts. What? Oh yes it’s quite true. Take a gander at this. Demonstrators (and Citibank account holders) were inside one of the branches. Asked to leave they started to but then security locked them in and called the cops to arrest them. Yeah sure, its a place of business. Causing a ruckus they should ask you to leave. But don’t fucking lock the doors afterwards. Kinda defeats the purpose asking someone to exit the premises.

And I know some people are saying its a middle class movement, over educated people pissy that they can’t find a job with their degree in underwater basketweaving. Well yes for the most part, they would probably be right. But…but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a point. It doesn’t mean that the financial institutions aren’t severely fucking broken and should be held accountable for crimes they have committed. It doesn’t mean that police should harass and assault people who are peaceably assembled. As Sergeant Shamar, USMC said, “There is no honour in this.”


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