Darkness and Desire

This is probably NSFW. Little bit of violence, no sex but teases right up against it. Don’t like that sort of thing I wouldn’t read any further. Didn’t do this all that long ago but all ready I can see how I have grown.



Darkness & Desire

She came out of the back room, fetching batteries from the charger for the lights and camera and stopped short, eyes widening slightly.  The model for this evenings shoot sat on a stool in front of the plain white background, his shirt laying across the back of a nearby chair.  She had been able to tell from the way his shirt clung to his body that he was built but she hadn’t expected him to be…so much so.  Her eyes ran up his torso; the flat defined abs and broad muscled chest.  Tattoos swirled around large arms and stretched across his chest.  There was even the hint of ink at the waistband of the worn snug jeans.

He looked up and smiled.  “Oh, hi, Abby.  I hope you don’t mind,” he said, motioning to his bare chest.  “You did say it was a shirtless shoot, right?”

“Um, yes, I did.  It may require more then that, Derek, is that ok?”

“Sure.  I’ve never done a nude shoot before but I’ve done some underwear modeling and I’m sure you know what its like around those.”

“I saw one when I was still a photographers assistant.  You guys aren’t exactly body shy, are you?’

“Nope.  Want me to leave the jeans on?”

“For now.  The client wants some various shots and will pick out what they like best.  Sit where you are for now, I’ll take a few shots, see how it looks and we’ll take it from there.”

They worked for the next little while, neither quite aware of the passage of time.  Her camera clicked with each shot and not for the first time Abby was glad she didn’t have to put film in the thing.  Soon she had him leaving the stool, leaning against a wall with arms folded across his chest.  Then she took a series with him facing away from her, some looking back over his shoulder, some to the side and some looking straight ahead.  His jeans stretched tightly across his rear and clung to muscular thighs.   Abby could all ready tell her clients would be very happy with the results of this shoot.  She might even be able to sell them more then they originally wanted, or take them to another publisher.

“So where do the tattoos come from?”

“Oh, they are very old,” he said.  “Sort of like runes, they are charms and enchantments to grant protection, give courage, that sort of thing.”

“I’ve never seen anything like them.”

“No, I imagine not.  Anyone who still knows what they are wouldn’t be throwing them up on the wall of a tattoo shop.”

“Do they work?”

“I’m still here,” he said.  He moved back to face her, thumbs tucked into the pockets of his jeans, fingers conveniently framing his package.  She couldn’t stop her eyes from running down then jerked them back up with a slight blush.  “So what are these pictures for?”

“Oh, the client is a publishing house and they are putting out a couple anthologies with a tattoo theme,” Abby said.  “They asked me to do a series of shots so they could pick out the cover photo.”

“Don’t think I’ve ever been on a cover before,” Derek said.  He shifted his weight slightly and somehow looked even bigger standing before her.  His hands hung loosely at his sides and he lowered his head while tilting it slightly, looking up past his brows at her.

Abby gasped slightly, amazed at the sudden…animalistic look he portrayed.  She quickly shot a series of pictures, moving around to get photos at different angles.  “Um, wow.  Ok.  Now I think we should get some with, um, the pants off.”

Derek smiled softly.  “Do you want me to just take them off or would you like them to come off slowly?”

“Um, just do what you think best and I’ll just keep snapping.”

He grinned, a slight smirk that pulled up one corner of his mouth and reached down, unfastening his jeans and slipping the zipper down.  Just when she thought she would see all he had to show he stopped, leaning back against the wall again.  There was more ink on his abdomen as well, a snarling wolf on the right side, placed so that just the ears poked above the waistband of his jeans.  God, the man was sexy as hell and bloody well knew it too, she thought.  Derek stood like that for a bit before turning, showing her his profile, jeans dangerously low.  He then turned again, half of his ass showing above the waistband.  She swallowed even as her camera clicked away.  God, and what an ass it was; so tight and round and muscled looking.  She could just picture her hands squeezing it tightly and knew any other woman who saw it would think the same.  She made a mental note to keep Derek’s name and number handy; he was a natural cover model.

Then the pants fell to the ground, his thighs parted slightly, just enough to give a shadowed glimpse of the heavy sack hanging between his legs.  Abby swallowed even as her camera continued to click.  God the man was like sex personified.  She wondered if he would pose for these other commissions she had, covers for some male/male erotica books.  Those readers would absolutely love him.

“Well, I think that is good.”  She was looking through the pictures on the camera’s screen when he turned to face her.  Abby raised her eyes at his movements and gulped as she took in his fully nude body.  Her eyes swept down from the broad chest, over the flat lightly defined abs and even lower.  He stood with his muscular thighs spread open, nonchalantly revealing everything.  She could feel her nipples tightening as she took in the smooth hairless crotch; the heavy sack looking as big as she had thought when seen from behind.  Hanging over it was his cock, long and thick and even when soft looking powerfully masculine.  She couldn’t help but lick her lips and as she did it started to rise.

Derek smiled softly.  “I take it you like what you see.”

“What’s not to like,” she said with a blush.  “You are gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” he said.  His eyes ran over her.  “You ain’t too bad yourself.  So were you wanting anything else?”

“Anyth-  er, yeah I’d like to do some shots over here on the bed.  Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to do some more for this side project of mine.  A series of black and white nudes.  So far I’ve only shot the female but haven’t been able to found a guy I wanted to use.”

He grinned over his shoulder as he walked toward the bed.  “Use me however you want, Abby.”

She blushed even deeper, her cheeks flaming red.  “Derek!  Oh, stop there,” she said.  He had one knee up on the bed, preparing to climb on it.  She snapped a few quick shots.  His cock and balls were visible but she knew anything too explicit could be hidden with text.  “Ok, go on.”  He stretched out on his stomach, legs closed enough that nothing could be seen.  “Oh, perfect.  Mm, now up on your side.  That’s it, move your leg up a bit.  Great, just like that.”  She moved to the other side of the bed, wanting to get the strong lines of his back and powerful legs.  Her hardened nipples rubbed against the lace of her bra as she moved; God he really was gorgeous.  She knew the model would look good but hadn’t expected to feel such raw sexuality rolling off of him.  There was going to be a long bath with her favourite toy after this shoot was done.

Derek followed her directions with a slight smile on his face.  He knew he looked good and took great pleasure in being admired for it.  In fact, he found it quite arousing.  It had been some time since he had modeled but had fallen back into it quickly.  The smooth sheets rubbed against his hardening shaft as he made little movements, presenting the lines of his body differently.  He reached down when he moved to his side, squeezing his cock and making the muscles of his arms stand out.  Lightly moving his hand on the fat head, he could feel that familiar sensation as his cock rose even more, filling with blood and hardening.     Grinning slightly, he wondered if he should let her see it yet.

Pulling the sheets up over his crotch he rolled to his back, erection causing a high tent to form.  “Ooh, nice,” Abby murmured, moving around the bed to get the shots from different points of view.  His bronzed body looked great against the white sheets.  The photographer part of her brain was in control but the rest of her mind was busy staring at the tent in the sheets, wondering what that cock would look uncovered.  He was big, hung but not so much so that a woman would want to run away from it.  She shook her head, trying to clear her mind from thoughts of what waited beneath that sheet.

“Well, I think that is enough for the cover.  I’ll be meeting with the client tomorrow and they will pick out what they want to use.  Are you sure you don’t mind doing this extra shoot for me?  I can’t really pay much.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said.  “Just remember me when you’re the next Annie Leibovitz and put me on the cover of Vogue or something.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t all ready been on there.”

He waved a hand at her.  “So you said it was a series of nudes?”

“Yes, but I want to start with you clothed.  I got a few tuxes in the other room there, do you mind seeing if you can find one that will fit?”

“Not at all,” he said, sliding his legs out of bed.  He rose to his feet and started walking toward the room she had mentioned and she could have sworn she had caught a glimpse of his rampant erection.

“Don’t hurt yourself stuffing that into a pair of pants,” she called out and immediately clapped her hand over her mouth, amazed she had actually said it out loud.

“You could always give me a hand,” Derek said without looking back, closing the door behind him.

She sat down at her desk with a gulp, looking toward the door.  Maybe she could; it had been a while.  And he would be a great specimen to climb back on.  No, she thought as she plugged the USB cord into her camera and connected it to the computer, it was better to keep it professional for now.  Well as professional as their flirting allowed of course.  The click of a few buttons and the pictures were soon uploading to the computer, letting her look through them as it did.  He truly was a beautiful man, and Abby was glad she wouldn’t be the one to have to pick just one photo.  But she didn’t think it would be hard to convince the client to buy more then one.  They would have more then one book coming out, after all.  It would be easy to add backgrounds to suit the pictures and if need be she could always call him in for a reshoot.

Sighing, she let the uploading continue as she leaned back, thighs squeezed together.  Maybe she should have just asked him to come back later, instead of trying this now.  But then again, maybe her ramped up desire would lead to some great work.  Let the eroticism and desire she felt show through in the pictures.  She let her mind start wondering, imagining what she might end up with.  Tried telling herself that it would just make her even hornier but apparently she wasn’t listening to herself.  Abby started putting together the showing of her photos, wondering if she should have the male and female pictures mixed or kept separate.  Maybe she should talk to Sally and Derek and see if they would even pose together.  Lost in her planning, she almost fell out of her chair when the door crashed open, hitting the wall hard enough that it almost slammed shut again.

“You, you can’t come in here,” she said, stepping back from the figure who was pushing the door open a little more gently this time.  “I rescinded your invitation.”  Her words were more confident then her voice.

“Now, now, dear Abby, you are mine.  Besides, this is not your house; it is a place of work and business.  There is no threshold to speak of.”  The man took a few steps into the studio, a smirk on his face.  Tall and slender with pale skin, he wore dark clothes that he undoubtedly thought were cool

“I am not yours, Darien.  It’s through with us.”  She looked around, seeking a weapon.

“And I told you that is not acceptable.”  He shook his head.  “Silly humans.  When will you learn?”

“Probably about the time you learn some fashion sense.”

He snarled and darted at her, a backhand slap knocking her to the couch with a shriek.  She pressed back into it, hand lifted to her blooded mouth while Darien stood over her with a raised fist. They both heard the door to the back room open and Derek walking out.  “Sorry Abby, none of those will fit.  I have one at home I can fetch if you want to do this tonight or sometime tomorrow.  Oh hello, I didn’t know anyone else was here.”

Abby leapt from the couch and ran to Derek, pressing tightly into his back, arms wrapped around him while she looked over his shoulder.  He patted her hand, somehow able to make her feel safer although she wasn’t sure what he would be able to do up against a vampire like Darien.  She didn’t know if he knew what Darien was but he stood there like he didn’t care, standing tall with his back straight, gloriously nude as if he had no concerns, like there was no way being naked in front of a clothed man could shake his confidence.  She hoped he didn’t think Darien was just some skinny dude he could easily push around.

Darien stood still, narrowed eyes focused on Derek.  “You replace me with this?  Some inked up twink?  I don’t think so.  Run on out of here, pretty boy and I won’t make you dinner.”

Derek actually laughed, head thrown back and laughing hard from the belly.  “Does that usually work for you?  Oh man.  So you’re the one I smelled on her.”  He cocked his head to the side, studying the vampire.  “I believe the lady said she was through with you.  That means you leave her the fuck alone.

“Or what?  You throw some puny threats at me?”

“No, that won’t be necessary.  Your kind never listen anyway, so convinced you’re the most superior beings on the planet.  Yet you can’t even walk around in the daylight.”  He looked over his shoulder at Abby.  “You ever try getting a good granite guy to work at night?”

Darien was snarling, hands fisted at his sides, eyes blazing with his anger.  “I am tired of this,” he spat out.  “Abby, go sit down.  I will deal with you when I am through with this…this thing.”

Derek squeezed her hand.  “Might be better in the back room but in case you don’t listen to reason, stay as far away as possible.  This won’t be pretty.”

Abby reluctantly let go and stepped away from that broad warm back.  She scurried backward until she stepped into the wall, not wanting to take her eyes off the two men.  Walking a few steps down the wall, she gripped the doorknob, ready to jump into the other room if need be.

The vampire was pacing back and forth, keeping his eyes on Derek.  “I will give you credit, most of your kind would be pissing themselves with fear at meeting one like me.”

“I could say the same thing to you,” Derek said.  “Any use in trying to talk some sense into you?”

“None,” the vampire snapped.  “You will die and I will claim what is mine.”

“Very well.”  Derek started moving closer to the vampire, the tattoos twined around his arms and on his torso somehow glowing.  His eyes changed as well, turning a bright yellow and changing shape.  His teeth grew, elongating into wolf’s fangs and claws sprouted from his fingers.  Darien took a step back, eyes wide.

“What the fuck are you?”

“Death,” Derek said, his voice now a rumbling growl as he crouched on powerful legs.  Abby pressed her self even harder into the wall, stifling a scream with her hand.  Darien seemed to have recovered himself, lips pulled back from his own extended fangs.

“I’ll make her watch me suck you dry,” he snarled.

Derek just leapt from his crouch, driving a shoulder into the vampire’s stomach and driving him back into the doorframe with a loud snap.  Darien howled with anger, swinging a hand at Derek even as his spine started to knit back together.  Derek easily ducked and took his own strike, claws laying open the vampires throat then quickly rolling out of reach.  He darted in for another strike, claws punching into Darien’s chest and heart.  Blood poured out of the wounds and Derek moved back out of reach, picking up a chair and snapping a leg off.  He stepped forward and whipped his arm down, slamming the makeshift stake hard enough through the vampire’s chest that it struck the floor.

The weakening vampire clutched at it, body convulsing as blood ran from his wounds and mouth.  Derek flicked his hand, drops of blood splattering against the dying vampire.  He turned and walked toward Abby, body changing as he did until once again he looked the man she had first laid eyes on.  She stared at Darien, silent with shock.

Derek reached out and pulled her into his arms, holding her quietly.  She buried her face into his chest, cuddled against his warmth.  “God,” she said, sobbing.  “He didn’t seem that bad when I first met him.”

“No, I imagine not.”  He stroked her back soothingly.

“He wouldn’t even drink from me for a long time. I thought he was different.”

“I bet plenty of women are saying the same thing right now, whether they got a regular human man or otherwise.”  He tilted her head up, looking down into her eyes.  “Are you ok?”

“I think so.  He barely used any strength when he hit me.”  She pressed more firmly into him then suddenly realized he was still naked.  “Oh, would you like to go get dressed?”

A grin stretched across his shirt.  “Oh, I don’t know.  Its pretty warm in here.”  He winked and let go, gathering up his clothes and slipping into them, sitting down on a chair to pull on socks and boots.

“Are you a…a werewolf?”

“Yes,” he said.  “That is what the tattoos are for.  They truly are charms and enchantments but they give me control over the beast inside so when I turn I’m not a mindless animal.  I can control how much I change and what I do while changed.”

“Well that’s good, I guess.”

“Very good, with the way you smelled while I was fighting your ex.  The smell of fear can be enough to cause an animal to attack, even if it has just fed.”

“Oh,” she said, lapsing into silence.  “What about the full moon?”

“A great time to hunt,” he said.

She sat on the couch, hugging herself, mind trying to cope with the sudden action and death she had just witnessed.  Just find something to focus on, she told herself.  “Um, do you mind coming by tomorrow or whenever you’re free for that other shoot I mentioned?  Only I want to go have a long hot shower, a glass of wine and curl up in bed with my cat.  I don’t think I could take any pictures right now.”

Derek laughed.  “Not at all, Abby.  I’ll give you a call tomorrow.  And I’ll take care of that,” he said, nodding toward the dead vampire.  He squeezed her hand and shrugged into his leather jacket, giving her a wave on his way out before reaching down and grabbing the vampire by the collar of his jacket.  Shutting the door, he picked up the body and threw it into the large field next to Abby’s studio and house.  The sun would take care of it in the morning.  He doubted anyone would come looking for the sleazeball and even if anyone cared about his death, it wasn’t likely he had mentioned where he was going.

His boots crunched in the gravel as he walked to his motorcycle, slinging a leg across the seat and sitting down.  Reaching into the pocket of his jacket, he pulled out a cell phone and punched through the memory until he found the contact he wanted and hit the call button.  Derek lifted his eyes to the large full moon hanging in the sky as he listened to the phone ringing.


“Great phone etiquette you have there, Matt.”

“Bite me.  Is Abby ok?”

“She’s fine.  The issue has been permanently removed.”

“She know that I sent you?”

“No.  Was here doing a photo shoot when he showed up.”

Matt whistled.  “Nice.  Guess that means we’re even then.  Thanks man.”

“Don’t thank me yet.  I might still owe you.”

“How do you mean?”

Derek chuckled.  “Well, you know how you made me promise I wouldn’t sleep with your sister?  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep that one.”  He shoved the phone back into his pocket and pulled on his helmet, kickstarting the motorcycle and roaring off.


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