The Sally Donaldson Memorial

They sued after the criminal case came down. Guilty of failure to yield. Fined $224. Their daughter ran down and killed in a cross-walk and the guilty party only fined a couple hundred bucks? Of course they were outraged. They and everybody else in the city who didn’t understand how a person could run down a kid and only be guilty of a traffic violation.

Of course, not everyone agreed with their decision to sue. Lose your child and go after money? But then it wasn’t their child, was it? Other people didn’t have to worry about breaking down walking past her bedroom. They didn’t have to look at pictures on the wall, look at the daughter who was never going to come walking back inside the house. Who was never going to grow up, get married, have children of her own.

It wasn’t as if they had gone looking for a lawyer. All the big firms had called them. No fees, of course, we want to help you get justice for your daughter. We’ll just collect a percentage when it is all over. The Donaldson’s were under no illusions as to the lawyer’s motives. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t use them.

They won the lawsuit handily. People were still upset over how the criminal case had ended. And most were more then willing to stick it to a big insurance company. They raised rates every year anyway, so why the hell not?

The Donaldson’s said in their one and only television interview that of course it wouldn’t bring their daughter back. But they wanted to do good with it, something in her name. They weren’t sure what, still thinking about it. That was the only lie they told. They knew exactly what they wanted to do and had written a check for fifty thousand dollars to get it started. They had heard rumours of a man who could possibly help  and the money was for a private investigator to track this man down and hopefully engage his services.

The search took a month but in the end the man met with the Donaldson’s and agreed to do what they asked. His only condition was anonymity. No one was to ever know his role. That was fine with them and so the strange recluse with long white hair set to work.

It took a month and a half for him to finish and in that time one more person was killed in a cross-walk and another injured. But finally the project was completed , including a webcam to observe the results. They alternated between hoping it would work and hoping it wouldn’t be needed. They know there wasn’t much chance of that, however.

And sure enough, it happened again. A teenage boy hit the button for the cross-walk and, after waiting for the cars to stop, started across. A line of cars was stopped in the outside lane. Further down, an impatient driver switched to the inside lane and sped up. It apparently never occurred to him that the other cars were waiting for a reason, such as the cross-walk at the intersection.

A couple drivers honked their horns as they saw him approach. Then…he just stopped, a few inches from a suddenly terrified teenager. Witnesses told both police and media that the air had shimmered then the car and driver had glowed with an eerie light then just stopped. The driver didn’t even suffer any from the complete and sudden stop.

When the Donaldson’s later watched the footage, they hugged each other tightly, smiling widely with tears streaming down their faces. Then Mr. Donaldson reached for the phone to make arrangements for the magus to protect more cross-walks.


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