Monthly Archives: May, 2012

City Of The Lost

See that guy there? That’s Joe Sunday; thug, legbreaker, general criminal handyman, zombie. Yes, that’s right. Sunday was killed and brought back as some kind of undead. Like some other recent favourites, such as Chris Holm‘s DEAD HARVEST and Richard Kadrey’s SANDMAN SLIM trilogy, Stephen Blackmoore‘s Los Angeles is one where the supernatural is just sorta sideways to the world you and I live in. More to heaven and earth and all that jazz. And it is a book that really sucks you in. I’ve torn through it, not wanting to stop once I started.
One of the things I liked most is the scale of the story. Sunday isn’t here to save the world or even L.A. He’s a man interested in saving his own hide, getting revenge on those who fuck him over. Nice change of pace.
This is a damn good book and you should go get it now. No, seriously. Go get it. It’s quite the noir story with supernatural trappings. And one smoking hot femme fatale. And given her place in the story, she could have given rise to that archetype. It’s the kind of story you can see Hollywood sniffing around. Well worth the read, folks. Great job, Stephen.


It’s The Little Things

So I’m sitting at the computer, strolling the internet(as you do) with my son at my side. He’s in his chair next to me, playing Handy Manny on the iPod. We’re both focused on doing our own thing, not really paying attention to each other, just enjoying the company.

Then, out of nowhere, “I’m shooting Nazis.” Words that have never been said with such a sweet voice. I look down and sure enough, he is shooting Nazis. See, the other day, Escape From Wolfenstein was free on the Apple App Store. Seeing as how I can remember when it first came out, of course I installed it. He’s watched me play it, asked me what I was doing and all that. And today he’s decided to play it himself. And so the generation of Nazi hunters is born.