So go read this. And then this. And others you may have come across on your own trawling across the wide expanse that is the Internet. There’s no shortage of similar stories. Go ahead, I’ll wait right here. I got a drink and a whittling knife so don’t worry about me.
Ok, back? Seeing red, blood pressure up? Yeah me too. About all I can say is What The Fucking Hell? In what fucking universe do men think this is a good idea, let alone fucking appropriate? You just don’t do this shit, guys. There is no reason, no excuse, no right that gets you off the hook. At the least a man doing this deserves a swift kick to the nads.
It has nothing to do with privilege or social awkwardness. I know from being socially awkward. And I don’t do this shit. Being a geek is no excuse. Part of being a geek is being smart. Smart people know things beyond their own experiences. You don’t take conversations where a person doesn’t want to go. You don’t force people into conversations. You don’t get pissy when a woman asks (or tells) you to leave her alone and say its her fault for being pretty. Just…no. Fuck no.
Do you really need a guide for how to act in public? I’m not Christian but it’s never been said better. Do unto others as you would have them do onto you.


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