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That’s The One!

Did you know that the theatre has bars? Plural. As in more then one? Me neither but man that is awesome to find out. Not that we were there to check out available booze. Now me and my lovely wife were at the theatre to watch a play, courtesy of the great folks at Q Smokehouse Great food there folks, you should go check it out, specially if you like barbecue. If you don’t, you will. Anyway, after being given some free tickets to a play called Bingo! we go the theatre, not sure what to expect, me in particular. Never been to a play, not a lot of that amid the tobacco fields of Kentucky. Hell, I couldn’t tell you where my university’s theatre department is(but if you find yourself in Richmond and need to know where the liquor store is,let me know).
So. Bingo! Written by Daniel MacIvor. You can find more about the show Bingo! at Neptune Theatre. I went in this blind, having not seen anything on it or even knowing the writer. But after seeing the play last night, I’ll watch anything Mr. MacIvor does. He is that good. I think stories are in their blood up there in Cape Breton.
The show was just amazing. Great writing, wonderful performances. And the set guys at Neptune, you guys rock. And what is it about? Home. What is home? Can you go home again? Should you try? Boys who were princes, a girl who had her whole life ahead of her ‘when she graduated’,and another who enjoys the moments. At the reunion thirty years after high school, some things have changed and some never will. And the soliloquies. Ah those were my favourite parts. Hilariously funny, poignant, and all to real, all you really need to know is when you can catch the next showing.
As I said, this was my first play and an eye opening experience. I will definitely be back for more. And lord help us, it has me wondering if I could write one myself. These guys put on a tip top production from top to bottom and everyone should come watch Bingo!You’ll thank me. After all, you want to know where the name comes from. And besides, there’s nothing on TV to match it.


The Best Thing I Ever Did

The best thing I ever did was stay in the dorms. Yes, part of that choice was to go to university but it would have been fairly easy to drive in for classes every day. We only lived about an hour away from Eastern Kentucky University and in 1999 gas was pretty fucking cheap. And that first year I drove a ’78 F100. But I chose to stay in the dorms, which was probably my first choice in the matter.
University was sorta my choice and sorta not. I was smart, didn’t play sports and didn’t spend time out of school working on daddy’s farm. What else would I do but university? He’ll I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do. But I liked being outside in the woods and my family has a history of military and police work, so I figured game warden. So off I go.
My home town is a rural town. All of two thousand people in the town with most, including myself, living in the county. Lots of farms. Mainly tobacco. There’s a few dairy and beef outfits, and a horse farm or two, but it’s mostly tobacco. Salt of the earth country folk. Who like both kinds of music, country AND western. Farmers, hunters, conservative. And white. I’m not saying the people are racist it’s just that it’s a mainly white community. For whatever reason that is.
So I move to the dorms at EKU. Like I said, one of the best decisions I made, only behind marrying my wife. See, university ain’t so white. There are people of colour, both students and professors. There are gays and straights and everything in between. Being there helped open my eyes and expand my mind. Show me what more there is to the world. I didn’t really start to discover who I actually was until this happened. Started talking to and hanging around people, listening to different music.
The icing on the cake? Playboy. No really. First piece of mail at the dorms was an offer from Playboy to get a years subscription at a buck an issue. And every year they offered renewal at the same rate. Hell yeah I got it. Naked women, hello. But did you know there are articles in Playboy? Interviews? News? I read them from cover to cover and thought about what I read. When I wasn’t thinking about Miss Junes boobs.
So I’m glad I moved to the dorms. Now I wish I’d been more active on campus but if wishes were horses and all that. Still, what I did do, see, experience, it helped me grow. And the growth hasn’t stopped there but that was where it started. I may have learned more hanging around playing video games then I did in class. But that’s part of what it’s all about.