Rant Ahead

As the title says, there will be ranting. There may even be cursing, perhaps copious amounts. Click through if you want to read.

Ah, still here? Good, good. Now, what the fuck, men? Women can’t be creative? Women can’t make video games? Play on consoles? Write? They only dress up in slutty comic book costumes because they are only hot enough to draw the eyes of nerd guys? Am I missing something here? What the fucking hell?
Is this about protecting your little clubhouse? The local chapter of Alfalfa and Spanky’s Women Haters Club? You see yourself as Don Draper sitting around with his buddies? Maybe these men think they can’t fart with women around. Or scratch themselves. Or tell dick jokes. Big deal. But to think women can’t write or make games or play anything other then Facebook games is fucking ridiculous.
Listen here. Maybe you’ve heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel. One of the first action heroes. Without whom Batman would not exist. I’m sure you have heard of Batman. And maybe the Scarlet Pimpernel. The point? It was written by Baroness Emmuska Orczy in 1903. Know what a Baroness is? It’s a woman. Who created a character and story still being read over 100 years later. Not bad for a woman with no creativity.
Perhaps you have heard of Frankenstein. Maybe you even make a point to tell people that Frankenstein isn’t the name of the monster but the doctor who created it. Before it was a movie but it was a book. First published in 1818. Practically 200 years ago. And the author? One Mary Shelley. That’s a woman in case you couldn’t tell. Obviously an aberration.
That’s just two examples from literature. Why would you say women can’t write or anything else creative? Who does that benefit? I just don’t get it. Are these guys so insecure about their own position that they are afraid of being shown up?
I read books. I play video games. I have never seen a woman’s name on either and felt the need to toss it across the room. You know what does? A crappy game. A shitty book. And men are quite capable of making both. It shouldn’t matter what a persons sex is. The only question is can they do the job. That’s all that matters.
And this asshole who thinks women take the time and money to make a costume and wear it in public cause cons are the only place they are hot? Who the fuck cares? So what if they can’t rattle off the characters entire publishing history? That shit really doesn’t matter. Nobody gives a flying fuck. Just stop it. Why do we still need to talk about this shit?
I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know why some folks are like this and others don’t give a shit. But can we knock it off?


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