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The Welcome Mat

They stood before the door, eyes darting around. Thirsty, what with the long days and short nights of summer. Not as much time to hunt and feed and still get online for multiplayer. One nudged the “Welcome” mat with his foot.
“Look, it says welcome. Means come on in. It’s an invitation.”
“You’re crazy as shit. Don’t mean no such thing. Just there to wipe mud off folks shoes.”
The third stood a ways back. He was a few years older then them, been a vampire longer too. Acted like the veteran, the man with the plan. Considered himself a real Hannibal. “Knock it off, you guys. We gotta get on with this and get back to the house. Big match tonight.”
“He’s right, Johnny. So lets just go down by the jip joint, pick off some drunk asshole.”
Johnny shook off the hand on his shoulder. “No. Go if you want. I’m going in here.”
“Damnit, Johnny, you can’t just walk into a house. We’ll leave your ass here.”
“Suit yourself.”
“What the hell, man? Blood is blood. We gotta eat.”
Johnny turned around, looking at his two friends. “Sally lives here.”
“Who the fuck is Sally?”
“Oh right, you were all ready graduated. Shit, Paul, Sally was Johnny’s high school crush. Pined after her something awful. Blonde, cheerleader, big tits.”
“What? We’re here over some piece of ass? Fuck. Lets go.” Paul turned on his heel. The hunger was growing and the bar was close. He could almost taste the blood pouring down his throat; hot, rich, that metallic scent and taste.
“She’s no piece of ass,” Johnny said in a harsh whisper.
“That’s right, he never got none. Most everybody else did.”
Shut up, Ace.”
“Why don’t both you two sad sacks shut up? Or would you like to just stand here, dick in hand, until the sun comes up?”
“I’m going inside,” Johnny said.
“To feed on the hot cheerleader who ignored you in school? That’s lame, dude.”
“Besides, Johnny, you can’t. No invitation.”
“The mat. It says welcome. Might as well say walk on in.”
“Oh for fucks sake. We’re back here again?” Paul shook his head. “Dumbass, that’s just a mat. Coupla bucks at Walmart. Doesn’t mean jack shit.”
“No, it does. What else could it mean? All are welcome.”
“The invitation has to be said, not written on a damn doormat.”
“Says who? There some vampire rule book? Fourth edition? A vamp bible?”
Paul shoved his hands in his pockets, staring angrily at Johnny. “Pissant little fucker. Go ahead then. We’ll all head inside and enjoy some cheerleader blood. I’ll take a thigh.”
“Goddamnit, I don’t want to eat her…”
Bright UV lights suddenly flicked on, bathing the three in an unending stream of sunlight. They dropped to their knees, howling in pain. The door slammed open, crashing into the wall.
“Stupid bloodsuckers. Top of the food chain are ya? That damn mat gets you fuckers every time.” The shotgun blasted three times, the shells loaded with wooden shot. Heads blown clean off, bodies disintegrating into ash.
The young blonde woman pushed three more shells into the shotgun and leaned it against the wall just inside the door. She adjusted the welcome mat then closed the door.