Monthly Archives: December, 2013

It’s All White

Everything is white this morning. The road, the sidewalk. I’m not always sure if I’m walking on the sidewalk or somebody’s yard. Started snowing early and is still going on. Should for most of the day. Drifts mean you don’t always know where the curb is so watch those ankles.
It’s quiet. Not much traffic even on the main road. Walking down my street, about all I hear is the wind, blowing. Always blowing. There’s the occasional sound of kids playing, shovels on driveways. The steady crunch of my boots as I tread through the snow. One or two cars driving slowly pass. Quiet. Beautiful. The kind of walk that lets your mind wander, think over some piece of writing. Come up with my best stuff on walks. Just doesn’t always stick.
I really love these days. Even the shovelling isn’t that bad. It also lets your mind chew things over. Work on that thorny plot point. What IS the connection between these two characters.
Anyway, enjoy your weather, whatever it is. And if it’s like mine, curl up with somebody or something special, and enjoy some hot chocolate or coffee. Or get that fixed plot on paper.