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Everyone’s Mind Works Different

So here is a song I like by Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger. I’m sure you all have heard it, since it got mucho air play some time back.

Great song, good video. But to prove the point of my title, not what I thought of when I heard this on the radio. I heard it many times before ever seeing it and it played out quite differently.

In my mind, the scene was mostly dark. There would be a fire in the centre. And the girl. A dancing gypsy girl, as Carlos and Chad play. Sort of like the scene in the Bond movie. But just one girl. Maybe the flickering fire lights up a bit of wagon now and then but nothing more.

Now, maybe that wouldn’t work for a 4 minute song. I’m no music video director. But that’s what played in my mind.

How about you? What plays in your mind’s theatre while you listen to it?